Reasoning Ability

  1. B C C E D G E I F __ ?
    (A) J
    (B) I
    (C) G
    (D) K
  2. Identify the missing term: PRT, ----, BDF HIL, NPR
    (A) UWY
    (B) WYA
    (C) WXZ
    (D) AXY
  3. The antonym of illicit is:
    (A) illegal
    (B) bootleg
    (C) legal
    (D) unlawful
  4. If 'bear' is an animal, then what is 'bare'?
    (A) a soft drink
    (B) strength
    (C) uncovered
    (D) feminine gender of 'bear'
  5. Show Answer (C) uncovered Wrong Answer
  6. On very high mountains there aren’t _____ trees.
    (A) any
    (B) the
    (C) no
    (D) some
  7. Ramu............. a snake yesterday evening
    (A) has killed
    (B) killed
    (C) had killed
    (D) was killed
  8. Mark out the correct sentence.
    (A) I enjoy to read books
    (B) I enjoy in reading books
    (C) I enjoy reading books
    (D) I enjoys reading books
  9. Show Answer (C) I enjoy reading books Wrong Answer
  10. Find out the wrongly spelt word:
    (A) assassination
    (B) occasion
    (C) acquitted
    (D) privilage
  11. Show Answer (D) privilage Wrong Answer
  12. Choose the word with correct spelling
    (A) acomodation
    (B) accomodation
    (C) accommodation
    (D) acommodation
  13. Show Answer (C) accommodation Wrong Answer
  14. One who is interested in prehistoric remains and ancient buildings.
    (A) Astronomer
    (B) Astrologer
    (C) Aviator
    (D) Archaeologist
  15. Show Answer (D) Archaeologist Wrong Answer

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