Reasoning Ability

  1. Find correct one word A person living permanently in a certain place
    (A) native
    (B) alien
    (C) neighbour
    (D) national
  2. FE-5, HG-7, JI-9, ?
    (A) KL - 11
    (B) LK-10
    (C) LK-11
    (D) KM-11
  3. What is the main activity of the Eskimos during the short period of summer?
    (A) Hunting
    (B) Fishing
    (C) Animal grazing
    (D) Gardening
  4. One word for “the condition of self government”:
    (A) autocracy
    (B) automation
    (C) autonomy
    (D) autogamy
  5. A list of all kinds of food available for a meal in a restaurant:
    (A) prospectus
    (B) brochure
    (C) pamphlet
    (D) menu
  6. A cyclist goes 40 km towards East and then turning to right he goes 40 km. Again he turn to his left and goes 20 km. After this he turns to his left and goes 40 km, then again he turns right and goes 10 km. How far is he from his starting point?
    (A) 150 km
    (B) 60 km
    (C) 70 km
    (D) 50 km
  7. They live ------- cheating others.
    (A) on
    (B) with
    (C) by
    (D) in
  8. A, B, C, D, E and Fare sitting in six chairs regularly placed around a round table. It is observed that A is between D and F.C is opposite to D, D and E are not on neighbouring chairs. Which one of the following must be true?
    (A) A is opposite to B
    (B) D is opposite to E
    (C) Cand B are neighbours
    (D) Band E are neighbours
  9. Show Answer (D) Band E are neighbours Wrong Answer
  10. A place where milk is kept and butter is made.
    (A) diary
    (B) dairy
    (C) diarry
    (D) dierry
  11. If drama : Audience, then writing
    (A) author
    (B) reader
    (C) publisher
    (D) printer

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