Reasoning Ability

  1. The antonym of illicit is:
    (A) illegal
    (B) bootleg
    (C) legal
    (D) unlawful
  2. Identify the missing term: PRT, ----, BDF HIL, NPR
    (A) UWY
    (B) WYA
    (C) WXZ
    (D) AXY
  3. Unless you work hard, you ...... high marks.
    (A) won't get
    (B) will get
    (C) can get
    (D) may get
  4. Show Answer (A) won't get Wrong Answer
  5. Find out the wrongly spelt word :
    (A) harassment
    (B) guerilla
    (C) expadite
    (D) hysterical
  6. The tourists were looking forward.............the London gallery.
    (A) to visiting
    (B) a visit to
    (C) to visit
    (D) visiting
  7. Show Answer (A) to visiting Wrong Answer
  8. They live ------- cheating others.
    (A) on
    (B) with
    (C) by
    (D) in
  9. The meaning of euthanasia:
    (A) mercy killing
    (B) murder
    (C) assassination
    (D) atrocity
  10. Show Answer (A) mercy killing Wrong Answer
  11. A journey by sea is called
    (A) voyage
    (B) flight
    (C) gliding
    (D) surfing
  12. The correct sentence is
    (A) four weeks are a good holiday
    (B) four weeks is a good holiday
    (C) four week are good holidays
    (D) four week are a good holidays
  13. Show Answer (B) four weeks is a good holiday Wrong Answer
  14. None of the arrived in time, .....?
    (A) did they
    (B) didn't they
    (C) wasn't it
    (D) didn't he

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