General Knowledge

  1. The term “extra cover” is associated with:
    (A) Cricket
    (B) Tennis
    (C) Horse race
    (D) Hockey
  2. Mohiniyattam is the famous art form of:
    (A) Kerala
    (B) Tamil Nadu
    (C) Karnataka
    (D) Andhra Pradesh
  3. Food is normally digested in the
    (A) Liver
    (B) Stomach
    (C) Small intestine
    (D) Large intestine
  4. Show Answer (C) Small intestine Wrong Answer
  5. Radar is a device for detection of
    (A) Distant enemy planes
    (B) Telephone
    (C) Radioactivity
    (D) None of these
  6. Show Answer (A) Distant enemy planes Wrong Answer
  7. The author of Wealth of Nations was ————
    (A) J.M. Keynes
    (B) H.G. Wells
    (C) Friedman
    (D) Adam Smith
  8. Show Answer (D) Adam Smith Wrong Answer
  9. Where is the Veterinary College in Kerala situated?
    (A) Vellayani
    (B) Mattuppetti
    (C) Kasaragod
    (D) Mannuthi
  10. A metal that occurs free in nature is:
    (A) Iron
    (B) Aluminium
    (C) Platinum
    (D) Sodium
  11. Rankjet disease affect:
    (A) Sheep
    (B) Cow
    (C) Horse
    (D) Fowl
  12. Who, amongst the following sons of Emperor Jahangir, was married to the daughter of Nur Jahan (by Sher Afghan) ?
    (A) Khurram
    (B) Khusrau
    (C) Parwez
    (D) Shahryar
  13. Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape?
    (B) Direct
    (C) Random
    (D) None of these
  14. Show Answer (A)Sequential Wrong Answer

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