General Knowledge

  1. When was the ‘Declaration of Rights’ drafted for American Independence?
    (A) 1774
    (B) 1775
    (C) 1776
    (D) 1778
  2. The most eminent writer (Pesian) of Akbar’s reign was
    (A) Abdul Fazl
    (B) Badauni
    (C) Faizi
    (D) None of these
  3. Show Answer (A) Abdul Fazl Wrong Answer
  4. Water gas is a mixture of:
    (A) carbon and hydrogen
    (B) carbonmonoxide and hydrogen
    (C) oxygen and carbon
    (D) carbonmonoxide and carbon
  5. Show Answer (B) carbonmonoxide and hydrogen Wrong Answer
  6. Shivaji built his first fort at
    (A) Poona
    (B) Purandhar
    (C) Gopa
    (D) Raigarh
  7. Cynophobia means
    (A) Fear of pain
    (B) Fear of dogs
    (C) Fear of books
    (D) Fear of men
  8. Show Answer (B) Fear of dogs Wrong Answer
  9. Which of the following plants is effective in reducing water pollution and is also useful for producing biogas?
    (A) Lotus
    (B) Eucalyptus
    (C) Salvinia
    (D) Water hyacinth
  10. Show Answer (D) Water hyacinth Wrong Answer
  11. Who was the first Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India?
    (A) Vikram Sarabhai
    (B) Dr. Homi J. Bhaba
    (C) U.R. Rao
    (D) M.G.K. Menon
  12. Show Answer (B) Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Wrong Answer
  13. Which is the smallest river in Kerala
    (A) Kadalundipuzha
    (B) Manjeswarampuzha
    (C) Meenachilaru
    (D) Kuttiyadipuzha
  14. Show Answer (B) Manjeswarampuzha Wrong Answer
  15. Who was the last Mughal emperor of India ?
    (A) Akbar II
    (B) Bahadur Shah II
    (C) Alamgir II
    (D) Shah Alam II
  16. Show Answer (B) Bahadur Shah II Wrong Answer
  17. Which one of the following statements is true about glaciers?
    (A) Glaciers occur in areas having a permanent cover of snow and ice
    (B) The height above which there is permanent cover of snow and ice is called the snow line
    (C) Glaciers are the moving masses of ice and snow
    (D) All the above
  18. Show Answer (D) All the above Wrong Answer

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