General Knowledge

  1. The Ozone layer is situated at a height between
    (A) 10 and 15 km
    (B) 15 and 60 km
    (C) 70 and 90 km
    (D) above 90 km
  2. Show Answer (B) 15 and 60 km Wrong Answer
  3. Which of the following statements is not applicable to metals?
    (A) High melting point
    (B) High boiling point
    (C) High density
    (D) Low melting point
  4. Show Answer (D) Low melting point Wrong Answer
  5. Gandhiji started his Dandi March from
    (A) Wardha
    (B) Santhi Nketan
    (C) Sabarmati
    (D) Amritsar
  6. Show Answer (C) Sabarmati Wrong Answer
  7. Khasi is the language in:
    (A) Mizoram
    (B) Meghalaya
    (C) Nagaland
    (D) Manipur
  8. Show Answer (B) Meghalaya Wrong Answer
  9. 1952 is historically significant for
    (A) First General Election in India
    (B) Launching of the First-Year Plan
    (C) India inaugurated Republic Constitution
    (D) Mount Everest was conquered for the first time
  10. Show Answer (A) First General Election in India Wrong Answer
  11. Which Bank serves as the Banker’s Bank in India?
    (A) Reserve Bank of India
    (B) State Bank of India
    (C) Central Bank of India
    (D) Bank of India
  12. Show Answer (A) Reserve Bank of India Wrong Answer
  13. How long can a person continue to be a Minister in India without being a member of either House of Parliament?
    (A) Three months
    (B) Six months
    (C) One year
    (D) No time limit
  14. Show Answer (B) Six months Wrong Answer
  15. Hirakud hydroelectric project is in
    (A) Bihar
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Maharashtra
    (D) Orissa
  16. Kalarippayat is the martial art of?
    (A) Kerala
    (B) Nagaland
    (C) Tamil Nadu
    (D) Madhya Pradesh
  17. Nedumbasseri Airport is in the district of
    (A) Thrissur
    (B) Ernakulam
    (C) Kozhikode
    (D) Palakkad
  18. Show Answer (B) Ernakulam Wrong Answer

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