General Knowledge

  1. The high milk yielding breed of cow developed in India through cross breeding is the
    (A) Haryana
    (B) Red Sindhi
    (C) Murrah
    (D) Holstein-Friesian
  2. Show Answer (B) Red Sindhi Wrong Answer
  3. Salam Bombay, a widely acclaimed film is directed by:
    (A) Kumar Sahani
    (B) Mani Kaul
    (C) Gautam Ghosh
    (D) Mira Nair
  4. Show Answer (D) Mira Nair Wrong Answer
  5. The story of the Malayalam film ‘Kaliyattam’ is based on Shakespear’s
    (A) Macbeth
    (B) Othello
    (C) Hamlet
    (D) King Lear
  6. Rajendra Chola’s greatest achievement was in the field of
    (A) Architecture
    (B) Development of naval power
    (C) Literature
    (D) Painting
  7. Show Answer (B) Development of naval power Wrong Answer
  8. When a man circles round the earth in a satellite, his
    (A) mass becomes zero but weight remains the same
    (B) mass remains constant but weight becomes zero
    (C) mass and weight remains constant
    (D) both mass and weight becomes zero
  9. Show Answer (B) mass remains constant but weight becomes zero Wrong Answer
  10. The image formed on the retina of the human eye is
    (A) unreal and upright
    (B) unreal and inverted
    (C) real and upright
    (D) real and inverted
  11. Show Answer (D) real and inverted Wrong Answer
  12. The phenomenon of sudden appearance of heritable changes is called
    (A) Natural selection
    (B) Mutation
    (C) Acquired variations
    (D) Struggle for existence
  13. Orderly arrangements of organisms into various groups is called
    (A) Taxonomy
    (B) Agronomy
    (C) Palaentology
    (D) Ecology
  14. Who levied the tax known by the name of ‘Chauth’ ?
    (A) Chandellas
    (B) Cholas
    (C) Marathas
    (D) Mughals
  15. Substance which do not conduct electricity are known as
    (A) Conductors
    (B) Insulators
    (C) Semi conductors
    (D) None of these
  16. Show Answer (B) Insulators Wrong Answer

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