1. Before he took up this job he ____ in a bank.
    a) worked
    b) would work
    c) has worked
    d) had worked
  2. Show Answer d) had worked Wrong Answer
  3. Sam got ------ best present.
    (A) a
    (B) an
    (C) the
    (D) or
  4. The synonym for ‘enmity’ is:
    (A) Angularity
    (B) Oddity
    (C) Eccentricity
    (D) Hostility
  5. Show Answer (D) Hostility Wrong Answer
  6. I’m afraid this exercise is ......... more difficult
    (A) fairly
    (B) not
    (C) many
    (D) rather
  7. His offer of help was --------- by the family
    (A) turned up
    (B) turned to
    (C) turned down
    (D) turned off
  8. Show Answer (C) turned down Wrong Answer
  9. He congratulated me -------- my success.
    (A) for
    (B) at
    (C) on
    (D) upon
  10. When I reached there, everybody ____ .
    (A) left
    (B) had left
    (C) was left
    (D) have left
  11. I asked the porter where ...............
    (A) was the ticket counter
    (B) the ticket counter was
    (C) the ticket counter were
    (D) is the ticket counter
  12. Show Answer (B) the ticket counter was Wrong Answer
  13. He has not given................. drinking
    (A) in
    (B) out
    (C) of
    (D) up
  14. The antonym of tedious is
    (A) dull
    (B) relaxed
    (C) timid
    (D) interesting

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