1. For the past few years, rains ____ few and far between.
    a) are
    b) have been
    c) has been
    d) had been
  2. When I reached the station the train -------.
    (A) left
    (B) had left
    (C) will leave
    (D) would leave
  3. What do you ___ for a living
    a) are doing
    b) do
    c) is doing
    d) does
  4. Find the word carrying the same meaning as DEMISE
    (A) birth
    (B) dismiss
    (C) kill
    (D) death
  5. One word for “the condition of self government”:
    (A) autocracy
    (B) automation
    (C) autonomy
    (D) autogamy
  6. It wasn’t an old car ...................?
    (A) isn’t it
    (B) was it
    (C) wasn’t it
    (D) is it
  7. I am elder to you, _____
    (A) aren't I ?
    (B) am I ?
    (C) amnʼt I ?
    (D) are not I ?
  8. Show Answer (A) aren't I ? Wrong Answer
  9. Which of the following is a one word for "the custom of having only one wife"?
    (A) Polygamy
    (B) Monogamy
    (C) Bigamy
    (D) Bachelor
  10. He spends hours looking ------- birds.
    (A) at
    (B) in
    (C) with
    (D) to
  11. Which part of the sentence ‘She has just completed a five years integrated PG course' is incorrect ?
    (A) She has just completed
    (B) a
    (C) five years
    (D) integrated PC course
  12. Show Answer (C) five years Wrong Answer

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