1. Fill up the blanks with suitable words: A book fell ————— the shelf.
    (A) off
    (B) down
    (C) onto
    (D) along
  2. You are John,..........?
    (A) are you
    (B) aren't you
    (C) do you
    (D) don't you
  3. Show Answer (B) aren't you Wrong Answer
  4. I ........... here for almost half an hour
    (A) am waiting
    (B) was waiting
    (C) have been waiting
    (D) waited
  5. Show Answer (C) have been waiting Wrong Answer
  6. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word: NURSE
    (A) ward boy
    (B) neglect
    (C) stimulate
    (D) educate
  7. I ........ my examination yesterday.
    (A) write
    (B) was writing
    (C) wrote
    (D) had written
  8. She is — always going to meetings and organizing parties.
    (A) as busy as a bee
    (B) beating around the bush
    (C) like a bump on a log
    (D) like a bull in a China shop
  9. Show Answer (A) as busy as a bee Wrong Answer
  10. I wish I ............. rich.
    (A) was
    (B) were
    (C) am
    (D) will be
  11. The announcement of the results ___ awaited.
    (A) are
    (B) is
    (C) were
    (D) am
  12. Hobson’s Choice means
    (A) Best choice
    (B) No choice at all
    (C) worst choice
    (D) popular choice
  13. Show Answer (B) No choice at all Wrong Answer
  14. The poet and the dramatist ......... dead.
    (A) is
    (B) are
    (C) has
    (D) have

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